Wednesday, March 18, 2009


12 of us in 3 cars had met at Rawang rest house and begin our “siu group” Cameron trip. We took the short cut with narrow and winding road that still need 2 hrs to reach Tanah Rata. Luckily in this 2 hrs dizzy journey, LK had sponsored her thigh for me to sleep! Comfort small little thigh, hehe! We stay at Carnation, it is a nice apartment with 3 bed rooms and one kitchen. Naughty Xin Yan had made a rules for those who are under 155 must take the room with double Decker!!!!!!!!@#$%*! Bad bad gal!But Sweet hehe!

1st I wanna share here is the narrow road to the Teh “Boh” plantation. The road was so narrow and those car passing by us was so near to our car, its like we are going to kiss each other! Luckily Marcus had close his side mirror, if not he will have to say bye bye to his side mirror and kill by her sister cause that is her car. But from this incident, I realize that Malaysian are all actually very polite and courtliness. Because of everyone was so nice in giving each other way, a 20 min distance had made us to use 2 hrs to reach our destination!

2nd , we had trap in a traffic jam in the highway from Cameron back to kl for 5 hours!! And I had tahan my urine for 4 hrs!!!!! I was so envy with all the guys on the way because they can just stop their car at the road side and pee under the tree. How I which I will have a dick that time!! Haha!!

Although this whole Cameron trip was all about traffic jam and raining day, but travelling with Siu group makes me happy! I had realize no matter how bad is the situation, all of us are sure still remain happy and always have a smiling face! I love you guys, friendship forever! SIU~~~~

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

今天看到堂姐的女儿,让我想起了我童年的时候。原来爸爸妈妈真得很疼我们,小时候的玩具真的好多好多,跟我的朋友们比起来我真的幸福多了!我还记得我有barbie doll (正版的!), lassi(很贵的!), lago, robot, masak-masak,bear-bearpuzzle, 儿歌的带还可以唱karaoke的,还有一个我用来离家出走的小书包,哈哈!想到都好笑!最重要是妈妈生了很多个弟弟妹妹给我,陪我渡过一个多姿多彩的童年!

讲回那个我用来离家出走的小书包。那时候我应该有四岁吧!每当被妈妈骂了之后,生气的我就会开始收拾我的东西到邻居家去离家出走。我的小书包里一定会有一瓶水,一件衣服,还有一点食物! 哈哈!现在想回真的超好笑的!到了晚上,爸爸总是会在我睡觉了之后抱我回家。我永远都不会忘记爸爸抱着我走回家我看着他的那一幕,我可以感觉到他的体温,他的爱,他给我的安全感。。。。可是长大了之后,爸爸总是很严肃的,也不曾抱过我了。。。我知道你很疼爱我。。。可是我很想念你的抱。。。所以,“抱”对我来讲是个很重要的表达方式,不管对家人,爱人,朋友也好,他可以表达你对他们的爱,关心,想念, 还有鼓励!有时抱还可以代替你说不出的话。所以,不要吝啬你的“抱”给你在呼的人噢!